I got a late night phone call from fellow micro-dweller and friend Alan alerting me to this year’s San Francisco Mime Troupe show “Oil and Water.” The Tiny Apartment is featured in the show! Okay, not my Tiny Apartment, but a tiny apartment. Two characters in the show live in a micro-apartment, and wackiness ensues as they try to share the tiny space with themselves and visitors. In one bit, two visitors enter and everyone moves around the space like sardines in a can. Sounds hilarious.

The Mime Troupe addresses socially relevant material, and micro-living is a hot topic these days, so that’s how my and Alan’s living situations ended up featured in the show.

For all my non-Bay Area readers who haven’t seen a Mime Troupe show, it’s not pantomime. It’s actually loud and raucous satire and it’s a lot of fun.

Support the Troupe(s)

The SF Mime Troupe, now in its 54th season, is an institution in the Bay Area. But the 54th season almost didn’t happen due to a lack of funds. With seven more free shows in the parks this summer, I hope people, myself included, go out and support the show (they accept donations).

Up and Coming: TINY at Large

Escaping the four walls of The Tiny Apartment, thetinyapartment.com will venture out and report on various happenings in the micro-living community. Later we’ll take a closer look at Alan’s micro-apartment. At approximately 300 square feet, I admit to some bouts of square footage envy.

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