I’m shocked that it’s been nine days since my last post. The last week has been a blur of activity—moving stuff, foraging for stuff, arranging stuff, and rearranging stuff. Not tons of stuff, but an attempt to curate the right stuff.

The wrong stuff hasn’t stayed around for long. Here’s my new micro-living ultimatum to stuff: move in, contribute in a meaningful way to the community of stuff or move out.

But pure minimalism is not in my DNA. I like the blog The Minimalists and hope to learn a thing or two from it, but I have to say there’s something disturbing about this minimalist closet. Is this real life or just a photo shoot? Non-minimalists need to know!

Living in a small space could be boot-camp training for minimalism, but not necessarily. Some micro-dwellers find ways to have a lot of stuff. I love the color, texture, and eclecticism of this 312-square-foot studio featured in Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool 2012 contest.

Despite my hardcore tactics towards the stuff brigade, my place is still in disarray. In the next few posts, I’ll show you my blank slate apartment (the “before” photos from move-in day).