For the record, my studio isn’t one of those fancy transformer apartments with “flexible features.” Those micro marvels hide or disguise amenities until you’re ready to use them.

Old radiator used as a plant stand.

The radiator in my vintage studio transforms into a plant stand for most of the year.

My studio is what you see is what you get. It’s big on vintage charm and character but tiny on amenities. I’m still looking for that magic button that reveals my oven and bathtub!

The vintage radiator/plant stand (right) looks cute now; I hope I still think so when it clocks in for work this winter. Vintage radiators often whine and protest vociferously if they have to do anything but sit there and look cute. (The noise might make for some nice sound art, but I’m a light sleeper).

This building was built early last century. It’s unusual I think, in that the majority of units are studio apartments. Most of the studios are small enough to qualify as micro, but a handful are junior studios (like mine), which are even smaller. I wonder if they were once larger and were later split into smaller units. More on that story later as updates come in.

Transformer Apartments
Here’s two apartments that do magic tricks:

  • It’s amazing what this Barcelona studio dweller has done with 237 square feet, although I think opening and closing the doors every day might drive me nuts.
  • I love this apartment in Paris where the bathtub is hidden under the dining room table! The veranda is a perfect extension of the living space.

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