OK, so I’ve had much going on and admittedly one foot out of The Tiny Apartment’s door for some time now. In other words, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.

But I’m glad and sorry to say that the final results are in. I’ve moved from The Tiny Apartment. I miss it a tiny bit, but largely it’s good to be gone. The Tiny Apartment was a very small place to live, but if it had a few different amenities I might have stayed.

First on my must-have list for living tiny is private outdoor space. If I’d had a small balcony, patio, deck, or yard attached to my space, I might have stayed. I felt cooped up in my tiny space with no way to directly experience the outdoors. Outdoor space can extend the living space and psychologically make a small space feel much larger.

It was a good experiment—I’ve learned a lot about downsizing, conservation, and optimal use of space. If I had to choose just three, these are my most important micro living needs:

  1. Private outdoor space
  2. Large walk-in closet
  3. Optimal floor plan that includes more than one length of wall

I had none of those!

I’ll include a longer list of wants and needs in a future post.

I think modern micro apartments might be easier to live in with their built-in space-saving amenities. I’d love to compare. Anyone want to loan one to me for a year?

Hard to believe that I’m halfway through my one-year lease at The Tiny Apartment. It’s been a busy couple of months, hence the absence of blog posts. But that will change in 2014 as I scramble to work on my small-space projects. I want to finish them soon to see if they make a difference in my space issues. I keep rearranging furniture and trying new pieces but the total space hasn’t jelled yet. I have to admit that it often feels cramped and cluttered. My tidiness skills have improved, but it’s pretty much a 24/7 job. With any lapse, my carefully ordered tiny ecosystem can regress into chaos in no time.

But new years are good excuses for new ways of being. Here’s to a creative, organized, and resourceful new year if that is what you want!

The Tiny Apartment gets free heat, just not enough of it. We’re having a crazy cold snap here in the Bay Area with temps down in the thirties. Brrrrrrr! (I know that’s balmy to you Minnesotans, but that’s just plain cold here in California.)

Tiny heater that plugs into the wall.

The smallest space heater I’ve ever seen.

I don’t really want to bring in a space heater, not because of the cost but because of floor space. So imagine my surprise when this ad for a tiny heater showed up in my inbox.

Not only is the heater small, but the whole thing plugs directly into the wall. Zero footprint. It’s supposed to heat up to 250 square feet, so it sounds like a dream come true for The Tiny Apartment.

I haven’t bought one to see if it really works, but I’ll let you know if I do. The cold snap will probably be over before I get around to it. In the meantime, a down jacket works well too.

Check out the November 2013 issue of Dwell magazine devoted to small-space living. I haven’t read all of the articles yet but did zero in on the story about Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser who lives in a 520 sq. ft. studio cottage. He bought the house pre-Mad Men but chose to renovate it in 2010, well after Mad Men fame (and fortune?). The article doesn’t make his motives clear so I’m curious what drives him to stay. (I assume he can afford a larger home!) But I love that he stays and lives according to his own priorities rather than the expectations of others. Go Vincent!