In my micro-studio I have room for a sofa or a bed but not both. One piece of furniture that serves both functions seemed like the best solution. Here were the choices and pros and cons of each:

  • Sofabed—A traditional fold-out sofabed is labor-intensive to operate, the mattresses aren’t the most comfortable, and the footprint can be deeper than other options. But they do have a back and arms, the best for sitting comfort
  • Convertible sofa—A sofa with a click-clack fold-down back is less labor-intensive to operate than a sofabed, but folding it down can require moving it out from the wall or letting it sit out permanently a few inches from the wall (in my studio, every square inch is vital space)
  • Futon—Futons are bulky and clunky to operate. I don’t mind sleeping on a futon, but I don’t like sitting on the steep angle in upright position
  • Daybed—A daybed usually lacks a built-in back and arms, making it the worst choice for sitting comfort. But they’re user-friendly for sleeping and you can find them with shallow footprints
  • Traditional bed—I could have gone the obvious-bed-in-the-studio route and loaded up a small bed with bolster cushions and pillows, but I preferred a living room aesthetic over a bedroom one

To my earlier point, furnishing a tiny space is not a tiny task! I think I could have written the entire Wikipedia in the time it took to suss out a solution. Next, I’ll show you what I found.


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