OK, so I’ve had much going on and admittedly one foot out of The Tiny Apartment’s door for some time now. In other words, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.

But I’m glad and sorry to say that the final results are in. I’ve moved from The Tiny Apartment. I miss it a tiny bit, but largely it’s good to be gone. The Tiny Apartment was a very small place to live, but if it had a few different amenities I might have stayed.

First on my must-have list for living tiny is private outdoor space. If I’d had a small balcony, patio, deck, or yard attached to my space, I might have stayed. I felt cooped up in my tiny space with no way to directly experience the outdoors. Outdoor space can extend the living space and psychologically make a small space feel much larger.

It was a good experiment—I’ve learned a lot about downsizing, conservation, and optimal use of space. If I had to choose just three, these are my most important micro living needs:

  1. Private outdoor space
  2. Large walk-in closet
  3. Optimal floor plan that includes more than one length of wall

I had none of those!

I’ll include a longer list of wants and needs in a future post.

I think modern micro apartments might be easier to live in with their built-in space-saving amenities. I’d love to compare. Anyone want to loan one to me for a year?