The Tiny Apartment gets free heat, just not enough of it. We’re having a crazy cold snap here in the Bay Area with temps down in the thirties. Brrrrrrr! (I know that’s balmy to you Minnesotans, but that’s just plain cold here in California.)

Tiny heater that plugs into the wall.

The smallest space heater I’ve ever seen.

I don’t really want to bring in a space heater, not because of the cost but because of floor space. So imagine my surprise when this ad for a tiny heater showed up in my inbox.

Not only is the heater small, but the whole thing plugs directly into the wall. Zero footprint. It’s supposed to heat up to 250 square feet, so it sounds like a dream come true for The Tiny Apartment.

I haven’t bought one to see if it really works, but I’ll let you know if I do. The cold snap will probably be over before I get around to it. In the meantime, a down jacket works well too.